Ian Johnstone

Chief Executive Officer

E: ian.johnstone@t2alloys.com
T: 01684 271 290
Ian has been involved with the tubing industry for over 20 years, and in that time has accumulated a wide knowledge of both customers and products that they demand. His core role is finance, however he has broad understanding of the whole supply process. In his spare time he enjoys road running, cycling and walking the dog.

John Zbihlyj

Chief Operating Officer

E: john.zbihlyj@t2alloys.com
T: 01684 271 290
John has over of 30 years of manufacturing and tubing experience. He has overall responsibility for all aspects of daily operations has helped develop the company’s technical and business strategy and introduced systems and controls to exceed the client’s needs. John is a Chartered Quality Professional and member of both the Chartered Quality Institute and the Institute of Operations Management. John is a keen musician and has played gigs on the local club circuit in various bands and duos.

Ruben Muro

Global Sales

E: ruben.muro@t2alloys.com
T: 01684 520292
Ruben is head of Global Sales and has over 20 years of experience in the metals industry. Over the past 16 years Ruben has helped customers with their materials needs in many industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Aerospace, Bio-pharmaceutical and many more. Along the way Ruben managed to fulfil a childhood dream to become a member of a professional race team pit crew and spent many weekends at the track.
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