Tony Wilde whose role as Jensen Owners Club Spares Secretary (1975 to 1981) used to work for the UK MOD which is where he learned about Tungum tubing being used on Army vehicles etc, he has had Tungum tubing fitted in his Jensen since 1976/77 with no problems experienced whatsoever. During his time as Spares Secretary he bought, on behalf of the JOC, bulk purchases (small batches) of 3/16 piping and sold single lengths sufficient for one car to other JOC members for their Jensen’s.
During the last 4 years he has carried out significant restoration.
During this restoration some of the brake piping was re-routed and he then used up the last of his 40 year old stock of Tungum 3/16 inch piping. Replacing the rusting end fittings with stainless steel fittings also resulted in replacing some pipework.

Tony says “As you can see from the brake area photograph I also polished the 40 year old tubing and then clear coated it as well as the 1/4 inch copper tubing used on the non- pressure reservoir side. “
“Further work on the car involving an engine change will include replacing a 56 year old length of OEM plastic fuel piping with the 3/8 inch Tungum piping and with the engine (type) change it will necessitate further work on the braking system.”

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