June 06th 2017

Corrosion resistant tubing manufacturer, Tungum Ltd, has confirmed a new partnership agreement with Eurosource Ltd, an established and leading supplier of pipeline products. The partnership will further improve availability and access to Tungum tubing for projects in the oil and gas, petrochemical and utilities sectors.

Based in the UK, with a 35-year pedigree of supplying and servicing a diverse range of clients, Eurosource is a dedicated platform for selling OEM products to a global customer base.

Toby Richards, sales director at Eurosource said: ‘With recent developments in our business life-cycle, we have designed and implemented a fully bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a customer-facing catalogue.

‘We are totally transparent on our procurement approach and, coupled with our team ethic of ‘Twegch’ (Welsh for fairness), we aim to provide a highly effective and efficient solution to our customers’ requests. We’re excited to showcase Tungum’s products to our clients, and look forward to a good working relationship for the future.’

Sean Hammond, sales & marketing director at Tungum, said: ‘We’re delighted with this new partnership with Eurosource. The company is already approved with one of the major refineries in the UK, and we are confident that with Eurosource’s ERP and Tungum’s combined properties of corrosion-resistance and durability, both partners will benefit greatly for many years to come.’

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