We continually work with international bodies and companies to maintain a spectrum of accreditations and approvals for Tungum.

Det Norsk Veritas (DNV GL) approved ISO 9001: 2015

Tungum Limited is approved to ISO9001:2015. Please click on the DNV GL logo for a copy of our certificate. From the manufacture of the raw material through to the despatching of your order, DNV GL has approved and audited every step. Please let us know if you require additional testing or third party auditing of your order.

Det Norsk Veritas (DNV GL) approved ISO 9001: 2015

Tungum tubing has the approval of:

BP Approval GP36-15-1

BP has approved Tungum tubing for “non-process” applications GP36-15-1. Tungum has passed extensive testing and is segment defined for mitigating and preventing external corrosion on topside small bore tubing.

Shell Approval

Tungum features in the Shell Global Design and Engineering Standard, table 4 (instrumentation materials)  Selection of materials for life cycle performance (upstream facilities) – equipment DEP Feb 2013.


Tungum tubing is manufactured to meet a variety of specifications according to the demands of the end user including:

National and international specifications:

BS EN 12449 CW700R R430
ASTM B706-TF00 (identified as Seamless Copper Alloy UNS No. C69100)

Defence specifications:

Army AFS 4000
Navy NES 749 Part 3
Aircraft DTD 253A & DTD 5019

Tungum in-house specification:

TCL100 Iss. 12

Note: Some of the specifications only apply to certain tube sizes or mill orders. Please check with us before ordering.

Tungum Technical Talks

To help better understand Tungum and where it can be used we offer Tungum T-Talk sessions. These can be done at anytime of day including lunch times and typically last approx. 1 hour.

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