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Project Cost Comparison

Changes in material selection on instrumentation tube lines have large cost implications when calculated over a whole project.

Shown on the chart are the quantities of Tungum tube supplied on a project during 2015.

Selecting Tungum tube and 316 fittings for non-process lines saved millions of dollars without having to make any sacrifices on long-term system integrity.

Although choosing a complete 316 stainless steel based system would have been the cheapest option it is widely accepted that this material can no longer offer the life span or level of integrity required in modern system designs.

Tungum with it’s unrivalled history of use in offshore systems proved to be both the most cost effective and technically correct choice for this system.

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To download a copy of this chart please click here.

Tungum Technical Talks

To help better understand Tungum and where it can be used we offer Tungum T-Talk sessions. These can be done at anytime of day including lunch times and typically last approx. 1 hour.

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