Strong Economic & Environmental Benefit

Tungum alloy tubing C69100, has proved itself time and time again as a high performance material through real-time applications and endorsements.

It’s unrivaled anti corrosion performance and longevity makes it excellent environmentally friendly product.

To this end, the Directors and Management of Tungum Limited are fully commitment to minimize any adverse effects on the environment without compromising the high standards customers associate with our name.

Tungum alloy tubing C69100 is often used in a high quality, safety critical applications and offers a life time of leak free performance. This high level of performance directly protects the environment by eliminating potential contamination and pollution caused by leakages.

Tungum Limited is committed to meet all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. We work to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance and work in accordance with the
ISO 14000 standards all the way through the manufacturing process.

All of our employees strive to work safely, to exercise personal responsibility and do everything possible to prevent harm to the environment.

For our environmental policy statement please click this link.

Sometimes we are asked to provide a complete installation package with our client’s pipework systems. Other times, we are simply asked to source equipment to complement an existing installation. Whatever your sourcing need we are here to help.

Tungum Technical Talks

To help better understand Tungum and where it can be used we offer Tungum T-Talk sessions. These can be done at anytime of day including lunch times and typically last approx. 1 hour.

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